Logstash testing GUI

Logstash e2e testing GUI

Golang + Socket.IO + Angular bundled in GUI APP is build with to give an easy experience testing Logstash e2e.

Go Swap Server

Currency Exchange Server Golang

Go Swap Server - Swap is an APP written in golang allows you to retrieve currency exchange rates from various services such as Google, Yahoo, Fixer, CurrencyLayer or 1Forge and optionally cache the results.

php parallel soap

Parallel, Multi-Curl PHP SoapClient

Parallel Multi-Curl SoapClient that allow us to perform Parallel multiple requests to SoapServer using CURL.

Mars Careers

Mars Careers

Moving and Working on Mars ♂

The Leading and only multi-planetary Recruitment & Immigration Agency

ME.IO Tech Group

ME.IO Tech Group

Tech & Dev Community

ME.IO Job Board

ME.IO Job Board

Job board for techies

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